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17g dose
25s time
35g yield
Dillanos Special Dark
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La Marzocco GS3 AV Espresso Coffee Machine Cheap Commercial Cafe Domestic NEW
AU $8,250.00
End Date: Saturday May-6-2017 11:05:29 EST
Buy It Now for only: AU $8,250.00
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Lionel et Julien nous présentent la machine espresso traditionnelle Bezzera BZ02PM.
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galatea domus
bz02 bezzera one of the best espresso machine http://www.aliaboutria.com https://www.facebook.com/Ali.AboutriaCompany

Bezzera BZ99 1 Group Espresso Coffee Machine Cappuccino Maker
AU $750.00
End Date: Tuesday May-9-2017 11:48:24 EST
Buy It Now for only: AU $750.00
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Watch this and donate my new coil 🙂

Slayer coffee machine
AU $11,450.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Monday May-1-2017 10:09:33 EST
Buy It Now for only: AU $16,000.00
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Why FAMCO Coffee Roasters™ coffee is the best in the world?

Our technology of fluidized bed roasting somewhat similar to “Hot Air Roasting”**(see footnote) or as we call it “Vapor Roasting” is the best in the world. Our technology is a real breakthrough in the coffee-roasting world and the only roaster of its kind in United States and certified Kosher.

Roasting technology developed by company “FAMCO Coffee Roasters™”

1. Our revolutionary technology of coffee roasting occurs in queazy vacuum chamber via hot air of predetermined temperature, which is moving in a vicious circle in a low oxygen environment. The coffee beans are mixed in the stream of hot air, where the process of “boiling” occurs, forming the “fluidized” environment allowing for high homogeneity and purity of the coffee beans without direct contact with hot surface.

2. The main advantage of our technology is preventing the formation of carcinogens in a low oxygen environment during roasting. Resulting in the absence of by-products such as, coffee husks, grain waste, and other harmful substances to the human body that may even be present before roasting are removed during roasting process.

3. The roasting temperature required to achieve a particular roasting level of the product is distributed evenly throughout, which significantly reduces under or over roasting, as well as roasting time. Coffee’s natural saturated elements, vitamins, and essential oils are preserved and the results are coffee beans of high quality with excellent flavor and aromatic properties while preventing the formation of harmful carcinogens and achieving desired roast at 10 to 15 degrees less then normally accepted by the industry.

4. Purity of the product is achieved by a quick and easy cleaning of the roasting chamber between roasting batches without stopping the process of roasting coffee. This reduces the down time of the roaster and significantly lowers its energy footprint on the environment.***(see footnote)

Why FAMCO Coffee Roasters™ coffee is the cleanest in the world?

Everyone is judging coffee by the quality of green beans. However, even excellent green beans lose their tasting properties by absorbing combustion by-products during roasting because the roasters are not cleaned between batches. The conventional roasters accumulate burned waste on the walls and other parts of the roaster allowing every subsequent new batch of coffee beans to be exposed to the burning wastes of the previous batch. This diminishes the quality and tasting properties of the finish product. Our roasting technology allows us to clean the roasting chamber after each batch to receive cleanest finished product possible.

The roasting process is completely automated and controlled by computer. The operator only loads the green coffee beans on to a loading hopper using a touch panel preprogramed to the roasting parameters and a computer controls the rest of the process. That’s why the human factor is not required during roasting cycle and roasting process is not influenced by human ability. However dynamic intervention or adjustments can be performed on the fly if necessary to achieve a desired result. Roasting is identical batch-to-batch, thus coffee beans are identical quality eliminating waste caused by human error, making quality control a much easier and smoother process.

** “Hot Air Roasting” machines available on the market, however those roasters are more comparable to pop-corn machines then to coffee roasting and are not capable of industrial production, but rather novelty, gimmick apparatus for a boutique coffee establishment for small customer base. Those roasters require the same filter and afterburner systems that is used for un industrial roasting due to toxic waste produced by coffee roasting and are also limited to small capacity of production among other thing that are a bit more technical that makes those roasters not fusible for true industrial use. Not mention low quality product sustainable on continues use.

b. We have created a new technology of roasting that uses a different approach to roasting and achieving a production capacity of 220 lb. per hour and more continuously. By using our technology of fluidized bed roasting in a low oxygen environment, queazy vacuum chamber, we can produce cleaner, healthier product using less time and energy to achieve the desired roasting result at lower temperatures, hence significantly lowering formation of carcinogens on the final product.

*** Our Roaster has about 32% less energy footprint then any other comparable (by lb. per hour) Roaster on the market.

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Installation of 2 three group Slayer espresso machines in Perth, Western Australia at Willie Wagtail Coffee!

The BFC Galileo TCI (Multi-boiler) Coffee Machine from Caffe Society.
Handbuilt in Italy by the renowned Brutti Fullin Costruziono, the Galileo TCI is fitted with multi boiler technology for a smoother extraction process and a unique Save Energy System which makes your money go further.
For more details visit caffesociety.co.uk/ or call us on 0845 4500 500
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Official Simple Little Life video of aero press coffee maker

A great little device to make an amazing cup of coffee. I love this thing!

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Some preparedness, DIY, building quality things with your hands, guns, gear, and outdoor exploration.

Sunbeam EM4820 Café Crema® II Coffee Machine
AU $168.99
End Date: Wednesday May-10-2017 13:28:57 EST
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Cafe Express Premium Guatemalan Roasted Coffee Beans Review.

Quick review of cafe express premium Guatemalan sertinsa & bero Roasted Coffee Beans.
If you’d like to support my channel please use my affiliate link below…
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Paolo Giribuola è il direttore vendite Italia de La Marzocco macchine per caffè, uno dei marchi più tradizionali del made in Italy eppure più noto all’estero per motivi storici. Ora però la politica del costruttore fiorentino prevede un attento presidio anche del mercato italiano. E, tanto per cominciare, è stato realizzato un nuovo modello, la Stradina, specifica per l’Italia. Inoltre alle porte di Milano è stato allestito un capannone per poter assistere rapidamente tutte le macchine del Nord.
Di questo e d’altro abbiamo parlato con Giribuola.

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la marzocco coffee machine
AU $8,000.00
End Date: Wednesday May-3-2017 3:13:18 EST
Buy It Now for only: AU $8,000.00
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Precision Shower Screen Tefon Coated - for LaMarzocco, Slayer, Synesso
AU $42.95
End Date: Friday May-26-2017 13:14:47 EST
Buy It Now for only: AU $42.95
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